2 weeks ago

    C3D Mini GLCD Menu Tree

    DRO (main menu) PLAY (navigate and run gcode on SD card) JOG Move 10mm X,Y,Z Move 1mm X,Y,Z Move .1mm…

    Can I Cut Vinyl/PVC In A Laser?

    This question has been asked a few times so I thought it may be good to do a write-up about…

    Constant Power vs. PWM Control

    So, in my other articles we covered the difference between Analog and Digital Control Panels (and why you need to…

    C3D Modifying Max Laser Output

    NOTE: THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE SPECIFIC TO SMOOTHIE FIRMWARE The Max Laser Output soft limit is 80% in the cohesion config…

    C3D External Stepper Driver Wiring Diagrams

        Download: Download: