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C3D 4 Axis Firmware & Config


Here is a step by step how-to for preparing the Cohesion3D Mini microSD card with the correct firmware and configuration for 4 axis use. This is needed if you wish to run a rotary or rotary and z axis.


Step 1. Power down the laser and remove the microSD card from the C3D controller

Step 2. Open the microSD card on your computer via microSD card reader/adapter

Step 3. Format the microSD card in the FAT file format

Step 4. Download the zxya firmware from here:  C3D 4 Axis Firmware

Step 5. Download the 4 axis config file from here:  C3D 4 Axis Config File

Step 6. Copy both files onto the microSD card in the root directory (no folders)

Step 7. Eject the microSD card from your computer and re-insert it into the C3D controller

Step 8. Power up the unit and test. You can use THIS ARTICLE to test it.

The official installation guide can be found here:


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