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C3D Matching Steps To A Motor


Lets say you replaced the X Axis stepper motor on your K40 and now X moves exactly twice as far as it should  (You drew a 10mm x 10mm square in LightBurn and it cut a 20mm x 10mm square when you sent the job to the C3D).

The likely scenario is that the original K40 stepper motors move 0.9° per step and your replacement motor moves 1.8° per step. So your X axis moves twice a far per step! Well, luckily the configuration.txt file located on the MicroSD card that is in your C3D can be edited to correct for this. Below are the steps needed to correct the above scenario:

  1. Power off and unplug your laser. Then remove the MicroSD card from the Cohesion3D Mini (its near the USB port)
  2.  Use a card reader or SD card adapter to insert the MicroSD card into your computer
  3. Browse to the config.txt file on the MicroSD card and open it with a basic text editor
  4. Find the section “# Arm solution configuration : …”
  5. Find “alpha_steps_per_mm”. The default value should be 157.575
  6. Change that value to 78.7875 (157.575/2)
  7. Save the file back on to the MicroSD card
  8. Eject the card from your computer
  9. Re-insert the MicroSD card into the Cohesion3D MicroSD card slot
  10. Power on your laser and test.

Here is a screenshot of the configuration section before and after:



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