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C3D Modifying Max Laser Output


The Max Laser Output soft limit is 80% in the cohesion config specifically for those with digital panels because you really have no idea what your true output is (without a mA meter) and people have overdriven their tubes; so its a safety feature.

Well, luckily the configuration.txt file located on the MicroSD card that is in your C3D can be edited to allow 100% power (BE CAREFUL WITH THIS and watch your ammeter) . Below are the steps needed to modify the soft laser power limit:

  1. Power off and unplug your laser. Then remove the MicroSD card from the Cohesion3D Mini (its near the USB port)
  2.  Use a card reader or SD card adapter to insert the MicroSD card into your computer
  3. Browse to the config.txt file on the MicroSD card and open it with a basic text editor
  4. Find the section “##  Laser module configuration”
  5. Find “laser_module_maximum_power”. The default value should be .8 (80%)
  6. Change that value to 1 (100%)
  7. Save the file back on to the MicroSD card
  8. Eject the card from your computer
  9. Re-insert the MicroSD card into the Cohesion3D MicroSD card slot
  10. Power on your laser and test.

Here is a screenshot of the configuration section:

click image to enlarge

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