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Do You Think You Would Make A Great Laser Engraver Tech?

If you know lasers and like to help people, you may want to read on.

If you know your way around lasers and are good at helping people, you may be a perfect fit for a laser tech. If you know CO2, Fiber/MOPA, Galvo, Gantry, etc… lasers then you could freelance or even take it full-time. The demand for great, qualified, experienced support techs in this vertical market is high, but not well-known nor managed.

We are going to explore this and create a repository of ‘resumes’ and expressions of interest in the possibility of creating a nationwide (or even global) network of qualified remote and on-site techs with the diversity to service at the OEM level and as Tier 1 resource provider, as well as the support of end-users on most makes and models.

This is not a job listing for an open position. We are merely creating focus groups, gatherings surveys, and other data. We will have an option for your information to be published for contract, freelance, temp, perm, full time, part-time, etc… if and when any part of this research warrants further action. The data may or may not even be published. This is not legally binding and is for educational purposes only. No warranties are expressed nor implied.

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