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Epilog Color Mapping

This is specific to Epilog lasers only

This is a class that is for Epilog Lasers Only.  Epilog has a unique feature called “Color Mapping”  In this course you will learn the best way to use color mapping to give your engravings that POP that you need.  Also you will learn to use color mapping in other ways to speed up your engraving time. Epilog’s unique feature lets you take engraving to the next level!

Here is essential information you need to know, and what is specifically covered in the class:

  • Color mapping is used with the Epilog Driver Only
  • All colors are in RGB
  • Whatever color you assign to the artwork, the EXACT SAME color scheme must be used in color mapping, in RGB format
  • Use a white outline around artwork to split it so that there are definite hard edges around your vector art
  • Experiment with Speed and Power
  • Remember, it engraves the colors in order.
  • Remember to grab all the parts you want to engrave.  The laser sees these as a group.  Breaking them up is NO BUENO!!
  • Do Test Burns to get your settings down

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