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How To Install K40Whisperer On Mac

John Cabrer's Excellent Tutorial On K40Whisperer For Mac

John Cabrer has written up the process for getting K40 Whisperer running on MacOS X. He sent a copy to Scorch, so it should make it into the README sometime soon, but here is is:

There are various dependencies needed to run K40 Whisperer successfully on MacOS X. This guide is a comprehensive step-by-step to installing all needed dependencies and addresses some small issues. All typed commands begin with $ and must be issued from the terminal.


Install homebrew for package management

Homebrew is a package manager for MacOS X which greatly simplifies installation of open source software, like inkscape, from source code.

$ /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL…/install)"

Install Inkscape from compiled source

$ brew tap homebrew/cask
$ brew cask install xquartz

(Enter your account password)

$ brew cask install inkscape

Install libusb for communication with the controller

$ brew install libusb

Install Python 27

$ brew install python@2
$ pip install --upgrade pip setuptools
$ cd /path/to/the/k40/directory

(you have to use the ACTUAL path. Usually ~/Downloads/k40wisperer…)

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Run K40 Whisperer

$ sudo python

More Info On K40Whisperer

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