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Identifying Counterfeit S&A Chillers

Release time: 2014-07-29 02:09:00

Dear customers:
CW-5200 series industrial water chiller is researched, developed and produced by us, GUANGZHOU TEYU. It adopts hermetic box type design of compact structure, small size and easy mobility. With leading refrigeration technology and stable quality, TEYU chillers become standard product in refrigeration field, widely applied in laser and other industries with affection of customers at home and abroad.
However, the counterfeiting product of TEYU CW-5200 is founded in the market. Both the quality and working performance are not able to be compared with the product produced by TEYU. Although the counterfeiting ones are remarkably similar in appearance to TEYU’s, but our core technology is unable to be copied. The followings are some analysis of the faults on the counterfeit product.
  1. Insufficient refrigerating capacity: after testing, the refrigerating capacity of fake CW-5200 is 500W, but TEYU CW-5200 is up to 1300W. Without enough refrigerating capacity, the equipment which is needed to be cooled cannot work correctly. For example, in mould industry, the equipment cannot work steadily due to high temperature, resulting in error occurring in the equipment, speeding up abrasion of the cutter, not able to guarantee the working accuracy for the parts.
  2. Instable quality: as a result of investigation, the percentage of counterfeit CW-5200 sent back for repair is particularly high, increasing the user!ˉs use-cost heavily. However, the main parts of TEYU chiller are entirely new compressor from international brands, original water pumps and temperature controllers researched by TEYU / S&A, safe and environmental friendly, energy saving and high durability. Besides, most of the parts of TEYU chiller are original TEYU / S&A accessories, making up multiple configuration models with stable working performance and long service life.
  3. Lack of intelligent temperature control function: the counterfeit product does not have intelligent temperature control function which is exclusive in TEYU product. It can control the water temperature changed according to the ambient temperature automatically, so that users do not need to adjust the water temperature with seasonal change.
  4. High power consumption: the counterfeit product is of high power consumption, but it is very low in TEYU CW-5200 with extraordinary cost performance.

At last, for ensuring your rights and interests, TEYU reminds you to pay attention to identify if it is real TEYU chiller that you buy or contact TEYU directly for purchasing.

Sincerely yours,
Guangzhou Teyu Electromechanical Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Teyu Electromechanical Co.,Ltd

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