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K40 Laser Custom Panel Ideas

K40 Custom K40 C3D Control Panel by Tech Bravo

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Here is the custom control panel I designed for Cyclops. Feel free to use and modify this file as you wish. Download the DXF here: K40 C3D Custom Panel (405 downloads)



K40 Custom K40 C3D Control Panel by Tech Bravo

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Here is the custom control panel I designed for Odin. It has an odd control panel as the electronics bay is almost 5″ narrower than most. I did modify the lid to enlarge the hole. Download the LightBurn file of this project here:  Odin Control Panel (150 downloads)

K40 Cohesion3d Upgrade Panel by ProfessorExpress

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A nice upgrade ( plug and play ) if you have upgraded to the cohesion3D mini smoothieware board with GLCD. Cut @ 55% power and 2mm/s, engrave @ 5% power and 30 mm/s. Get it at




K40 Laser custom control panel by syknarf

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I took this design  from cpennington82 (thanks for sharing) and made some mods to adapt it to my needs. The new panel now includes space for GLCD display, SD card reader extension,  ammeter,  original K40 power adjust panel, and 3 Switches (Laser/Light/Air).  Get it at



*UPDATED* K40 Control Panel by Leatherneck_Garage

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The Leatherneck Garage K40 laser control panel faceplate adds:


  1. A 16×2 LCD which displays information from an Arduino Uno that is connected to a flow meter on the water pump.
  2. A dual-line, dual-color LED amp/voltmeter which displays the laser power.
  3. 5 separate switches to control the main power, water pump, smoke extractor, interior LED lighting, and air assist.

You can get the file at


Tech Bravo

My name is Brian and I am a full time geek! Before being pulled in to a real estate firm as their digital marketing guru I was Operations Manager/Senior Network Engineer/Lead Color Digital Imaging Technician for a medium sized Copier/Printer/IT firm. I have been taking things apart since i was old enough to handle a screwdriver and, over the years, have figured out how to put stuff back together. My toys growing up were oscilloscopes, Z80 based microprocessors, tools, and the like and I am heavily addicted to all things technical. I look forward to bringing hi-tech to you! Feel free to contact me if you wish.

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