Laser Water Coolants & Additives

Contents1 Overview2 Resistivity & Conductivity3 Cooling Fluid Contamination4 Primary Cooling Fluids4.1 Distilled Water4.2 Tap Water4.3 Deionized Water4.4 Performance Engineered Coolants5 Additives5.1 Antifreeze5.1.1 Automotive Antifreeze5.1.2 RV Antifreeze5.2 Algaecides & Biocides5.2.1 Tetra AlgaeControl5.2.2 Clorox Bleach5.3 Detergents & Surfactants5.3.1 Dawn Dishwashing Liquid5.3.2 WaterWetter6 Summary7 The Secret Recipe8 Sources Overview There has been much debate, experimentation, and documentation on … Continue reading Laser Water Coolants & Additives