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MeerK40t Stock K40 Software

Hackable Stock K40 Software with PPI Power Modulation


The Laser software for the Stock-LIHUIYU laserboard. MeerK40t (pronounced MeerKat) is a built-from-the-ground-up MIT licensed open-source laser cutting software with PPI Power Modulation developed by David Olsen.


The goal is simple. Provide a working, effective, stock K40 laser program that is easy to hack on. There are a number of highly creative, dedicated, and determined people out there. And a lot of people have want to help with the software aspects as well. Creating a highly functional and highly modular program should help people do that.

There is little chance of success for projects of lofty goals and no actions so I am creating a viable product that should work for most use cases. This combined with the good bones of the modular design, and design choices can provide easily hackable modular software package.

Features Include

  • Free (Open Source MIT License)
  • Grid/Guides Scene Navigation.
  • PPI Power modulation (Yes, power modulation for the M2 Nano)
  • Multi-K40 support.
  • Independent path speeds.
  • No need to color paths.
  • Drag and Drop support for SVGs/Images.
  • Instant Start. Start a job. Laser takes off instantly. No preprocessing is needed.
  • The usb driver uses pyusb so it uses the same driver as K40Whisperer.

Beta Testing

This project is currently in beta and we need testers on all platforms. We need feedback on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. If you wish to contribute please visit the Github Repo for this project. You can report issues HERE.


MeerK40t GitHub
David Olsen

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