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  • This video goes over the correct origin settings in LightBurn after installing the C3D Mini. We also cover verifying the stepper motor connections and show how to make the head home after a job.

  • 1001 Uses For A Laser Engraver- Use #1: Cutting Stencils
    Be sure to visit https://techbravo.net/k40 for more info!

  • We are gearing up to begin our video series! Some will be Odin specific and some will not. Visit https://techbravo.net/k40/project-odin/ for more information.

    Equipment in this video:
    Canon C100 Dual Pixel with […]

  • I have a stock K40 coming in next week and I will be producing videos and documentation on many aspects of its setup, modification, and usage. I would like to thank some sponsors that are making this possible! […]

  • If you have a bed size other than 200×300 you can change the config on the MicroSD card supplied with the c3d.

    1. Access the micro SD card directly from your computer (not from mass storage)

    2. Open the […]

  • This is an app to use a network camera with LightBurn http://www.ipcamdriver.com/Download

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