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Milliammeters: Analog vs. Digital

Every laser should be equipped with an ammeter so you can accurately measure the actual tube current. Just knowing the “percentage” is not enough (you can read more about digital and analog control panels HERE). There have been numerous discussions on analog vs. digital ammeters so we will look at each one here.


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My name is Brian and I am a full time geek! Before being pulled in to a real estate firm as their digital marketing guru I was Operations Manager/Senior Network Engineer/Lead Color Digital Imaging Technician for a medium sized Copier/Printer/IT firm. I have been taking things apart since i was old enough to handle a screwdriver and, over the years, have figured out how to put stuff back together. My toys growing up were oscilloscopes, Z80 based microprocessors, tools, and the like and I am heavily addicted to all things technical. I look forward to bringing hi-tech to you! Feel free to contact me if you wish.

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  1. Hi Brian – Two questions…Firstly, is there meant to be more content to the “Milliammeters: Analog vs Digital” page. I’d love to know why A, not D, but there is no detail.
    Secondly, your site has (what in my opinion is) a design flaw. When reading an article, I find a link that I want to look at, but don’t want to lose my place, so I normally right click and open in a new tab, so that I can read it later, but you have right click disabled. This is a pain in the backside, and I’d love it if you would consider changing this setting, as it either interrupts the flow of what I am reading, or means there is quite possibly valuable information that I end up missing.
    Anyway, Thanks for listening, and feel free to tell me to pull my head in.
    Keep up the good work; this is a great resource!

    1. I will work on a more comprehensive a/d comparison soon. Thanks for the feedback, I welcome all comments and complaints equally 🙂 i have right click disabled to help keep honest people honest. i don’t mind sharing my work freely but i want to discourage copy/paste. you can hold control or command and left click to open the link in a new tab. i have had a few more comments about the right click protection so i will look into other options. thanks again for your feedback.

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