Barn Find Gravograph LS100

Putting Humpty Dumpty back together again

This is a Gravograph LS100 circa Y2K with a Synrad Firestar v30 RF tube. This is one solid machine. The entire frame is cast and milled. The entire laser is highly proprietary and reminds be a lot of my ULS25e.

I found this nearby and bartered for it hoping I didn’t have a big paperweight. I looked it over, cleaned it up, and powered it up. And…. the controller came to ready and it homed 🙂

X, Y, and Z axes all jogged via the controller but there is much to be done to the motion control systems to get it right. I got the driver loaded, sent over a windows test page (yeah, a windows test page LOL) and i got a raster engrave!

The optics are shot as are the air assist lines, everything needs adjustment and alignment, and lots of TLC but I think it will have quite a bit of life left in it. This would be superb for those thinking about a portable rig. Its solid as a rock.

When I get it all dialed in and figure out how to fire it so i can take a caloric power reading, I will update the article.

More to come…

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