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Plywood: Indoor vs. Outdoor

Thanks to Clarke Henry for the great Tip!

Thanks to Clarke Henry for this observation. I learned something today.

Hey all wanted to share something i learned today, might be common knowledge but was news to me.

Both of these pieces of true 1/4″ 5 ply came from the same lumberyard, albeit in different formats (top: 5x5ft, bottom 4x8ft). The top cut really well at 35mm at 70% on a 100w reci, the bottom we were lucky if we got through at 5mm at 85%, heavy charring and even fire danger.

The black lines in the bottom are the giveaway here, that’s ply glue rated for outdoor application while top is clear for indoor, at least at our local shop. Good thing to look out for if you’re ever snagging materials in a time crunch.

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Clarke Henry

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